Sterne School News

Submitted by: Kathryn Saussy, Middle School Teacher

"Maker Class has a unique way of being artistic, but educational." - HL, 6th grade

"We get to explore and learn through making new things."  -AS, 7th grade

As part of the integrative class curriculum, Sterne offers a Maker Class for our 4th-8th grade cohort. Led by Ms. Kerry, Ms. O’Grady, and Ms. Saussy, the Maker Class integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), all while students learn how to be responsible members of a maker community.

Early in the quarter, students spent time exploring stations that provided a sampling of maker elements consisting of a marble run, legos, cardboard, clay & play-dough, and the design of the maker cart. In addition to the stations, students were exposed to weekly lessons, including a ball-drop activity (velocity), and how to make slime. These stations and weekly lessons helped students develop a fluency around the maker concept, process, and the connection between idea & implementation. To help gain buy-in, students were required to master a task/skill and become “managers” of that function, responsible for training other students.

Now in the final weeks of the quarter, students are busy finishing their Maker City. This Maker City weaves creativity, process, and important teamwork throughout. Students share ideas for what to build, and how. The student Maker City hosts a butcher shop, Target, gas station, train, houses, a church, and much more! Students also manage the clean-up process at the end of every class period - so they recognize and take ownership of the additional responsibility in the building/creating process.


Submitted by: Nicole Wagner and Craig Brewer

Sterne Middle School kicked-off not only the first Team Handball game of the season, but the first Sterne Middle School Team Handball game in Sterne School history. Following Sterne High School's successful foray into the sport last year, Sterne Middle School added the sport into its athletics program and debuted the team at their season opener against Stanbridge.

Many congrats to the team on an incredible game in which every player showed incredible athletic talent and nearly every player put points on the board. Coach Brewer remarks, "The team played really solid defense against a team comprised mostly of high school students who played last year." Coach Wagner shares, "I saw students demonstrate beautiful court awareness, and shift flawlessly on defense." 

A close game the whole way through with the final score: Sterne - 15, Staybridge - 16. We are so proud of their effort! And for making Sterne Middle School history! Go Dolphins!

Submitted by: Spryte Heithecker

The Urban Hiking & Yoga integrative class led by Miss Heithecker (Miss H), coined "Yiking" by her students, explores the neighborhood and the mind. Although weather dependent, the class structure generally follows an every-other-day rotation of yoga and hiking.

To help students understand the basics of yoga in a fun and engaging way, Miss H uses various themes and games including a Star Wars flow sequence, "Simon Says" (a yoga pose), and a challenge oriented game, "I challenge you to do a pose that requires a lot of balance."

On the urban hiking days, students walk the streets of downtown in search of a privately owned public open space. There are 56 of these spaces -- most of them adorned with some form of art and typically enjoyed by local business men and women on their lunch break.  The goal is to visit all 56 of these spaces. So far the class has crossed 7 off their list. Onward!

Students in Miss Kerry's art class are diving into their creative pursuits with an art project that engages the individual and collaborative process. This week each student is crafting a colorful paper design using the first initial of their name. Once everyone has completed their unique masterpiece, the class will then unite all individual pieces to create a mural. 



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