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5 Tips for Post High School Success

The transition from high school to college is a big one for all students.  Whether you are moving away to attend a four year college or university far from home, are planning to live at home and attend community college, or are putting together a schedule that combines work and school, the changes you are going to face are huge.  The good news is that there is a lot you can do now to prepare yourself.  Here are a few tips to consider.

Today, I Went Back to High School

Sterne recently joined hundreds of other schools across the country in a Shadow a Student Challenge. Orchestrated by School Retool, a professional development fellowship, this initiative was conceived to encourage school leaders to more closely examine their schools through a process of observation, reflection, synthesis, and finally, action. I, along with several Sterne Board Members, agreed to teleport myself back in time, and arrive at Sterne as a high school student.

Dyslexia: The Strengths We See Every Day at Sterne

When we think of students with dyslexia, we tend to think of the challenges that they face. However, there are many unique strengths and creative ways of thinking outside the box that we witness every single day here at Sterne. 

Sophomores, Now is the Time! Tips for the College Planning Process

During sophomore year, many students and parents start to feel some anxiety about college planning.  While I do not support or encourage intense worrying, there are some things that you can do to alleviate stress moving forward, and start your planning process. 

Dyslexia & Drama: Leveraging Strengths to Find Success

At Sterne, we pride ourselves on our innovative program, evidence-based teaching methods, close-knit community, culture of empowerment, and a high-support, high-expectations, strengths-based model. We have always sought to teach students according to their learning preferences and prepare them for their growth in the larger world as strong self-advocates and responsible global citizens.This approach is at the heart of everything we do at Sterne. 

As the Drama and Music Teacher at Sterne, I witness some truly profound transformations and successes, many of which are the direct result of teaching students in accordance to their learning style and needs. One particular story I love to tell involves a talented student in our middle school.

Nicole Greene: Professional Development Warrior

Sterne School’s newly appointed Upper Elementary Head, Nicole Greene, is busy both in her new role at Sterne and with a number of ancillary programs revolving around professional development. We sat down with Nicole to learn more about these programs and her career trajectory in education.

How To Write A Great Personal Statement

Now that the 2018-2019 college application season is underway, students are thinking hard about how they want to present themselves in their personal statements (sometimes known as the college essay).  They often ponder questions such as, “Should I be funny?  What are the colleges looking for?  Should I mention my LD?”  These are all excellent questions to consider when writing your personal statement. Here are four tips to help you write your best personal statement.

5 Misconceptions About Learning Differences at Sterne and Beyond

Sterne is dedicated to serving students who learn differently. In reality, all humans learn differently to some degree because everyone's brain structure is unique. That said, let’s explore five common questions and misconceptions as they relate to learning profiles. 

5 Things That Sterne Parents Get Right

It’s easy for a parent (or a student, for that matter) to identify all the things that we could have done differently when it comes to raising our children.  But because Sterne is a strengths-based model, let’s take this opportunity to look at what Sterne parents get right when it comes to understanding their children’s needs.

The ACT and SAT: How to prepare for and stay calm during the exam

Many students feel a lot of stress and anxiety when they begin to think about the SAT/ACT.  They think this one test will determine their future. First and foremost, this is not true. Even if the college you want to apply to requires the standardized test, it is not the only thing admissions considers when looking at an application. Also, depending on your school, the ACT/SAT may not even be a factor.

Sterne Students & Surfing: A Metaphor

Catching a wave means getting ahead of it: you have to figure out how fast it’s traveling, then paddle twice that fast so that it doesn’t pass under you.  It’s not easy; it takes serious effort up front.  I often think that being a student at school – at Sterne – is very much the same.

Neighborhood Eats: The Sterne School Guide

At the intersection of North Beach, Chinatown, and the Financial District, our new campus at 838 Kearny Street puts us in proximity to some of the best eats in the 7 x 7.