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Six great reasons to sign up for the Sterne Summer Program

Submitted by: Ed McManis, Head of School

The sun’s back out and summer is just around the corner. Which means.., what are the plans for the kids? Research tells us that during the summer vacation months, in addition to time at the beach, sleeping in, and extended video time, students can lose up to 1/3 of the skills and information they spent accumulating the previous school year. 

What to do? Perhaps a summer program. Sterne has just the ticket. It’s academics, plus sports, art & film and it won’t take the entire summer. Here are five.., SIX great reasons to sign up for the Sterne Summer Program:
1.    It will keep the reading and the math sharp.
2.    Film making! A future Spielberg or Lucas is waiting to be discovered
3.    Our new school site is nestled between the Financial District, North Beach, and China Town. Unlimited choices for walks and restaurants
4.    Mmmm, they’ll be out of the house. Just sayin’
5.    Did I mention the slippage of learning? Keep the information train moving forward. 
6.    No homework. And the Program is done by July 4th!

Sign up for the Sterne Summer School today!