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4 Great Reasons Why Your Child Should Join the Eye to Eye National Mentoring Program at Sterne

4 Great Reasons Why Your Child Should Join the Eye to Eye National Mentoring Program at Sterne 

“This program is life changing and was one of the very best resources available to me when I was in college at Berkeley. ” - Zoila Lara-Cea, Sterne High School Teacher & Eye to Eye Ambassador

Eye to Eye is a national mentoring program for students with learning differences. The model pairs high school mentors with elementary and middle school mentees (both mentors and mentees have learning differences.) The mentor-mentee relationships are facilitated through art projects - a creative outlet and safe space for expression and exploration -  during designated Eye to Eye program times. 

To help launch the program at Sterne, high school students Olivia and Langston attended the Eye to Eye conference at Brown University in August. While there, Olivia and Langston connected with over 200 students from across the country who have learning differences. Olivia and Langston, along with the rest of the attendees shared their experiences and opinions as part of a national dialogue around learning differences. They also attended a variety of workshops focused on leadership, establishing relationships as mentors, and program recruitment. Now back at Sterne they are ready to implement the program and start recruiting mentors and mentees. 

Here are 4 great reasons to join the Eye to Eye program:

  1. As a Mentee: You gain a role model - someone with learning differences who can help encourage you to be your best and inspire you to be proud of the way you learn. 

  2. As a Mentor: You get the chance to teach, connect, and support someone else. You will likely learn more about yourself and develop strengths and skills in the process. 
  3. As a Mentee: A new friend! A new high school friend to be exact. How cool is that?!

  4. As a Mentor: Can we say resume builder? Taking on a leadership role in high school looks great on a resume. You will also be connected to a much larger network as members of this national program. Having connections in your back pocket is always a good thing.

Join! We encourage as many students as possible to participate in this free program.

To learn more about participating as a Mentee (upper elementary & middle school), email Zoila Lara-Cea:

For high school students interested in applying to become a Mentor, go to this Eye to Eye Mentor page.

Check out this clip of our very own Sterne High School student, and Eye to Eye Mentor, Langston, receiving the Eye to Eye award at the conference in Boston.