Get To Know Malia Lytle, Sterne Learning Resource Specialist

Malia Lytle joined Sterne School in 2019 as the Learning Resource Specialist working closely with Steve Tattum, Sterne Reading Specialist and founder of TATTUM Reading.

We sat down with Malia to learn more about her role and the strategies/techniques she employs at Sterne to help our students thrive.

Q. What does your role at Sterne entail and how do you work with students?
A. I was hired to expand the reading intervention services at Sterne and to provide math specific support services. I work with students across all grades in small group and 1:1 support both in and out of the classroom.  With the younger students I use TATTUM Reading and focus on phonetics, spelling, and fluency. With the high school ages, I work on reading comprehension and vocabulary building. For reading comprehension at the high school I use techniques such as paraphrasing, predicting, and creating visual pictures of the text. I also use a program called STEP UP TO WRITING at the high school level.

Q. Any highlights to share? (I recognize it’s very early in the school year)
A. I teach a Reading Intervention English Class. Recently, I got an email from a parent telling me that for the very first time, her child read OUT LOUD (to parent) on his own. And on top of that -- the child didn’t struggle while reading.  That was so rewarding for me. That’s why I do what I do. I want to help instill that level of confidence in every student.

Q. What are three things most people don’t know about you?
1.) I hiked the Camino De Santiago this past summer (picture above)   
2.) I did Crow Pose in yoga for the very first time last year. It’s been on my vision board and it came to fruition! 
3.) One of my favorite places in San Francisco is the labyrinth at Land’s End.