Screen Time: 15 Tips/Best Practices

Submitted by: Valerie Interrante, Director of Social Emotional Health & Wellness

In these modern times with technology keeping us connected (globally) 24/7, we all could use a little help disconnecting -- particularly our kids/students who are digital natives. I'm often asked how to help limit screen time at home and set boundaries around technology. This list of tips and strategies comes directly from a recent parent workshop I led at Sterne.

    1.      Shut down all devices one hour before bedtime. 

             -It's recommended that children 9-12 y/o get 9-12 hours of sleep/day.  

             -It's recommended that teenagers get 8-10 hours of sleep/day.

    2.      Incorporate one hour of physical exercise/day. 

    3.      Limit entertainment screen time to less than 1-2 hours per day.

    4.      Establish “Tech Free” times or zones in your home; kitchen table, car, movie night (Screen Holiday)

    5.      Know your child’s passcodes and passwords; it keeps them honest.

    6.      Not doing homework? No phone!

    7.      Screens/handheld devices should be kept out of kids’ bedrooms.

    8.      Place the charging station for all devices in one central location. 

    9.      Instead of the TV, turn on the music.

   10.     Guide through boredom or feelings of peer pressure without engaging in screen time. Go for a walk, nap, listen to music! It’s okay to be bored sometimes!  

    11.    Turn OFF Notifications on everything except from parents; waiting won’t hurt.

    12.    CLOSE the apps, not minimize them.

    13.    Put social media apps (out of sight) in a folder and on the last screen.

    14.    Watch only one device at a time. 

    15.    Make a Technology Contract!


Helpful Links and Resources:

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