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Sterne Alumni Profile: Haiden Blomendale (8th Grade Class of 2016)

As a junior in high school I am participating in a selective one-year alternative program called TEAM. TEAM is designed to build life and leadership skills, and combines academics, college counseling, and an intensive Outward Bound component. As a cohort of 24 students, we take English, Math and History as our core academics. Our schedule is flexed and built around extensive backpacking trips, rock climbing expeditions, a Wilderness First Responder Certification class, and an on-going work place learning component. For my work place learning requirement I am a teacher’s aide/volunteer at Sterne School. I support Mr. Marti’s English class, and I teach wilderness medicine as a small P.E. pull out class.

In addition to the TEAM program, I am a naval cadet and a wrestler at Drake High School in Marin. My plans/aspirations for the future include a maritime college (Naval Academy perhaps) where I can continue my naval training through college and hopefully become a Navy Seal in the Canine Unit. I’d like to obtain a degree in physiology and/or anatomy and pursue teaching or medicine after serving in the Navy.

I am very grateful to Sterne for helping me grow, learn, and advocate. Prior to Sterne I could NOT read and had been struggling with math as well. When I came to Sterne as a 6th grade student, everything started to turn around. By the time I graduated from the 8th grade/middle school I was student class president, reading at a high school level, the recipient of the Hearst Scholar Award, and able to advocate for my learning needs in my transition to high school. I owe so much to Sterne School and it is really rewarding to give back as a volunteer in the middle school.