Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Our Urban Campus

Submitted by Laura Corleto, Registrar, Communications & Administration

I moved to San Francisco at the age of 12 and was welcomed with open arms; this city embraced me as part of the community as opposed to an outsider/newbie. Growing up at the intersection of Russian Hill, North Beach, and Fisherman’s Wharf, I felt like I was at the center of a small universe where I could find whatever I wanted within arms reach. From the cultures, languages, food, views, and history – this city had it all.
I attended middle school in the Marina and high school near Fisherman’s Wharf. After school there was always a fun place to explore or hangout – donut shop, afternoon ice cream at Ghirardelli Square, and Crissy Field. I never felt far from my friends or fun places/adventures the city offered.
Years later as a professional working in a school campus downtown, it is so great to see students being offered what I had (and appreciate about) growing up in San Francisco – access to a diverse and vibrant city experience.  
Here are my top 3 Reasons Why Having a Campus Downtown Rocks!
1. Public Transportation – Access/Variety
2. Field Trips – Endless options at our fingertips
3. Food – Our students are PRO
Planning field trips has never been easier for teachers. We are steps away from so many public transportation options like the 10 Bus, the 1 Bus, BART, and The Ferry. Often time transportation isn’t necessary, field trips are as simple as a walk out the door. We are minutes from historic buildings in Chinatown and North Beach, and walking distance (or a short bus ride) to museums galore in SOMA. Students enjoy so many city experiences like a mural walk in the Mission for Spanish Class, a UC Berkeley Library visit for English Class, and a cherry blossom trail in Golden Gate Park for Science Class. There are infinite places within our city limits (including the transportation options that take us outside the city) that enhance the classroom experience.
Our students (particularly in the high school) are soaking it up! They are becoming more and more city savvy. They know bus routes, BART stops, MUNI fees, and Clipper Cards. They are proud of their city knowledge.  And when we talk about food – forget about it! These kids know all the best spots. It amazes me how many off-the-beaten-path food joints they have discovered and continue to find. From hole-in-the-wall dim sum spots to Japanese, to Hawaiian, and burger joints (Super Duper!) – their palates are as diverse as this city.
There are over 25  million people who visit San Francisco annually. Growing up in this city, I feel fortunate to have experienced (and continue to experience) all its wondrous ways and gifts on a daily basis. Whether or not they recognize it (although most do), I hope our students appreciate this 7x7, too.