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Top 30 Excuses As Heard by Teachers & Staff

If you've spent time at Sterne - walking the hallways, popping into classrooms, sitting in the lobby, you know this school is bursting with all kinds of amazing young people; artistic, creative, charismatic, community organizers, good friends, natural athletes, silly, curious, kind, loving, determined, and so on. We adore our students. We believe in them. We love watching them find their way in this world - harnessing their unique talents and gifts.

We also find humor in their excuses. From reasons why they didn't finish their homework, to why they can't exercise in fitness/athletics, to why they were late, these incredible students have equally incredible excuses. Do they get points for creativity in their excuses? No. Does it entertain us? Yes. Please enjoy this list of the top 30 excuses as heard by teachers and staff.

1. Do we have to exercise? The weather is (on rotation), too hot, too cold, too windy, too sunny, too cloudy.

2. I can't run stairs. I hurt my pinky finger.

3. I can't do this now. My molecules are rearranging.

4. I can't go to class, there's no time.

5. I don't know why I got a bad grade on my interactive notebook. I guess I have to be "organized"?

6. I'm tardy because you don't allow us to use the elevator - so the stairs make me late.

7. I did not do my homework because I just didn't want to.

8. I don't like to speak Spanish in [Spanish] class because people can't understand my accent. (From a student who actually speaks Spanish)

9. Can you call my teacher and tell her I can't come to class? I have a rock in my head.

10. Ummm, my brain just turned off.

11. I was late because I walked all the way to Super Duper and there was a really long line. (Junior with off-campus lunch privileges.)

12. I try to bend my knees as little as possible (In P.E. when asked why he wasn't moving)

13. I can't run, my stomach hurts. (After eating a sleeve of cookies before Fitness Club)

14. Why are you late? "Because I am dying."

15. My mom forgot to put it in my bag.

16. My stock market is more important than being good at grammar!

17. I can't work on my essay in class today because I left my iPad at home. (And, from same student) I accidentally left my iPad at school so I couldn't work on my essay draft last night at home.

18. I can't do the math assessment because I glued my hands shut.

19. I don't want to be friends with her anymore because there is no such thing as [human] friends. Machines, animals, and technology are the only things that can possibly be a friend.

20. If I do it, you'll expect me to do other assignments too.

21. (Teacher asks students to write an excuse they use for homework on a post-it so they can throw it away and symbolically get rid of their excuses). Student writes on post-it "This isn't an excuse for homework, but one time I was hiding in my bathroom for four hours and my parents didn't even come looking for me." 

22. My mom said it would be too hard for me.

23. Sorry I couldn't do my homework last night. I had a playdate so I didn't have time.

24. I'm not gonna have time. I'm flying on my private jet to New Hampshire so I'll be busy.

25. (Emails teacher at 11 p.m. to say they don't understand the homework). "Well it's not my fault I didn't do it, I emailed you."

26. I can't focus. I'm too uncomfortable with clothes on.

27. I've learned all I can today. Can we just take a nap?

28. I feel too lazy to start a new project.

29. I'm too tired to focus today. I was up all night watching movies.

30. I can't do anything. My iPad is updating. (But in reality the student downloaded a picture of this and posted it as his desktop picture)