10 Video Instruction Tips for Students (or Anyone) with Auditory Processing Challenges
  1. Try sitting in a hallway or a smaller room. Large rooms can produce sensory overload--noises, light, other people in the room--can all produce distraction

  2. Put a white noise machine outside the door 

  3. Use both earbuds or headphones, rather than computer audio

  4. Don’t use the “grid” view on Google Meets.  Use the “auto” view so you can only view the person who is speaking

  5. Use a fidget or chew gum

  6. Stand up during classes and/or take standing breaks

  7. Use “full screen” in Meet. This will eliminate the temptation to do other thing or open new tabs

  8. Ask for a 5 minute break if you need it

  9. Don’t panic if the stream stalls! Use the “chat” function and type in “repeat” to alert a teacher to what happened
  10. Use Captions