Community & Connections


Dear Sterne Community:

In these times of social distancing, when guidelines and mandates restrict us from the vast majority of our in-person interactions, how do we stay connected? WE MISS YOU!

We miss the student energy buzzing in the building, full of laughter, smiles, and high-fives. We miss our alumni popping in during college breaks to tell us how they’re thriving at school. We miss faculty arriving early into their classrooms clinging to a strong cup of coffee, as they prepare for a full day ahead. 

We miss 838 Kearny Street and what that physical space offers us as a community. 

During this time we’ve realized, more than ever, that Sterne is more than a building in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Sterne is more than a classroom, or a desk, or a comfy chair in Ms. Mora and Ms. Rebecca’s offices to find zen when stressed, or a peaceful art studio with floor to ceiling windows showcasing city views, or lab goggles and coats in the science room, or a rooftop space where UEMS students partake in P.E. and athletes run sprints and practice drills for team handball, or benches in the breezeways where students discuss plans for the weekend.

Sterne is People.

Sterne is students, parents, and entire families. Sterne is faculty/staff --their friends, partners, and families. Sterne is alumni - those who have experienced the power of a transformational education and moved forward in life sharing their strengths with the world. Sterne is the foundations and funders who believe in our mission and students. Sterne is community, and Sterne is still very much here.

And while we may not be under one roof, giving high-fives in the hallway, or hugging our friends in monday morning meeting, or running up and down a basketball court, or catching up with our alumni when they pop in for a visit, we are finding our way through this unprecedented time, together. And in the spirit of togetherness we are leaning into the platforms that help keep us connected - and thinking creatively about how to stay united in this physically isolating time.
We invite you to connect with us. If you haven’t seen us on Instagram and Facebook yet, these platforms are where we’ll share the stories and voices of our community; words of encouragement, moments of vulnerability, entertaining “bloopers”, and the joys and hopes we share as a school community.

In the coming weeks you’ll receive more information about community connections as we roll out new initiatives to support ‘togetherness’. In the meantime...

Be strong, be brave, and be healthy. 

-Sterne School