Every Sterne education starts with a unique individual.  In many ways, an appreciation for diversity has been at the heart of our mission since our founding.  But we know that cultivating an environment where every person feels seen, heard, and safe is an ongoing process that requires both reflection and action.

In 2020, Sterne’s faculty & staff Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) crafted the following Diversity Statement, which was formally adopted by the Board in the spring.  The DEI Committee, in partnership with the administration, the Board, and student volunteers, continues to translate this statement into actionable priorities that foster a living culture of safety and inclusivity at Sterne.

Sterne School Diversity Statement
A Sterne School community member is, first, an individual with a distinctive life experience, perspective, lens and learning profile. Sterne School welcomes and celebrates students of all races, ethnicities, belief systems, religions, sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities, family structures and socio-economic backgrounds. The Sterne School community does not tolerate behaviors or actions that infringe upon one's ability to be seen, heard and understood. The Sterne community is centered in learning from everyone’s uniqueness, creating self-advocates who strive to develop awareness, empathy, cultural competency and allyship in the Sterne community and beyond.