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Submitted by Craig Brewer, Director of Athletics

"There are people out there that are not as fortunate as I am, and by volunteering, I can help make a difference in their lives." - Sterne Student, Grade 8

On Tuesday mornings, a group of Sterne students walk to the Old St. Mary’s auditorium to volunteer with a program called “Groceries for Seniors”. Groceries for Seniors is a local non-profit that delivers free foods (donated by the Food Bank and other local grocery stores) to low income seniors.

During the Tuesday morning shift, Sterne students work hand-in-hand with other volunteer groups to pack grocery bags with veggies, canned goods, dried goods, and whatever the organization has received that week in donated food items. Sometimes, in the afternoons, students help I-Hotel volunteers deliver groceries to residents of the I-Hotel (who are beneficiaries and volunteers of the program). 

Groceries for Seniors was founded by John Meehan, the son of an Irish immigrant, who recalls growing up on ketchup sandwiches because of empty cupboards at home. Today, Program Manager Tom Beaver recounts Meehan's stories to the students when they get to Old St. Mary's. Beaver also thanks all the volunteers each day and points out how many people they helped feed on that day. To learn more about the Groceries for Seniors founder and his inspirational journey to help others go here.

Congratulations to Sterne High School Freshman, Niko, who was recently selected to join the USA Junior Olympic Diving Team! We caught up with Niko to learn more about this incredible opportunity and the story behind it. In his own words, Niko explains…

I grew up swimming my whole life. I've always loved the water. A few years ago I got a trampoline and spent a lot of time doing flips in the air. My mom would watch me on the trampoline and then one day she got the idea for diving as a way to combine trampoline skills and swimming. When my mom suggested diving, I was really curious and excited to try it out, so she found a diving camp for me to attend at SI High School. After doing pretty well at the camp, I started taking lessons in Pacifica with the same coach from the SI camp. 

This past summer I tried out for the USA Junior Olympic Diving Team and was selected to be on the team. I’m really looking forward to learning more from my coach and team. My goal is to continue improving, and go to a good college for diving.

While Niko is honored to be a new member of the USA Junior Olympic Diving Team, he also recognizes what a significant responsibility that is. Niko is adding diving team practice four nights/week in Santa Clara to an already busy schedule with school, family, and social commitments. But Niko is embracing this opportunity along with the associated responsibility.

In his first year at Sterne, Niko was elected to be a​ class representative to the Associated Student Body, he is part of the title winning​ Handball team that will travel to compete in Edmonton, and he continues to be a​ respectful student inside and outside the classroom.  We wish Niko all the best in his diving endeavors and are thrilled to have him as a member of the Sterne School community!  #dolphinpride

Submitted by: Elise Cumberland, Music & Theater Teacher

This January, musicians from Ms. Elise's high school music class welcomed local professional Veronica Simonetti for a master class in production and mixing. Veronica works in SF as an engineer at Women's Audio Mission, an organization focused on promoting women in the recording arts. In the class, Veronica shared the fundamentals of mixing, using EQ, compression, reverb, filters, and walked the students through the steps to achieve the perfect mix.

Students had fun playing around with Garageband to mix their original tracks. "Whether they have a desire to do production or not, it's important for young musicians to understand the recording process from start to finish. Mixing is all about opening the ear up to how to shape sound and how to use those tools to find your own unique sound as an artist." - Elise Cumberland

Submitted by: Diana Garcia, High School Spanish Teacher, ASB Coordinator 

On Thursday November 30th, our High School ASB organized a field trip to help decorate the World Tree of Hope in San Francisco City Hall. The RWF World Tree of Hope is a 23 foot holiday tree that is decorated with thousands of origami cranes and stars that are inscribed with people's wishes and hopes for the future of the world. Students who signed up got to include their hopes for the future and learn how to make origami cranes. Their hopes will go up on the tree along with the words of people like Jane Goodall and Barack Obama as well as thousands of people all over the country who contributed to the Tree of Hope. All are welcome to witness the official tree lighting on Monday December 4th 6-8pm.

Submitted by: Craig Brewer and Sean McManis

The Sterne High School Team Handball has made history yet again. They are the back-to-back winners of the California Cup Tournament (2016-17 and 2017-18), and ended this season with an undefeated record.

Coaches Brewer and McManis share…

We knew early on that this group of individuals, as a united front, had the potential to be extraordinary. In spite of a season peppered with less than typical circumstances -- the pressures of starting a season as champions (California Cup Champions from 2016/17), a fledgling league with minimal competition, a team without a home court/gymnasium to practice -- our players rose to challenges both mentally and physically. They found ways to push themselves athletically, they carried the Championship title with grace and maturity, and they pushed each other to be better and sought new opportunities for growth at every turn.

There are so many positive takeaways from this season. We had returning handball players help coach and mentor “newbies”. Players showed up to practice on their days off and demonstrated their commitment throughout the entire season. And something truly special and rare is the bonds these students formed. A culture of team, unity, ‘we before I’ is not always embodied by athletes. But this team forged and embraced a culture of acceptance, camaraderie, respect, and unity -- it was palpable on and off the court.

“When I look at where our seniors were 4 years ago -- athletically, mental/emotional maturity, it is just astounding to see how much they’ve grown. They leave very big shoes to fill. They should be really proud of the example they set.” - Coach Craig Brewer

“A huge thanks to our parents for their support and commitment to the team. They cheered us on, took pictures, and helped transport players all the way to Fremont. Some of them are sending their student to Canada for experiential week to play a sport they have likely never heard of prior to August!” - Coach Sean McManis

“Instead of just going to practice, we all hung out as a team in our free time. One day we went to a movie and one of the players couldn’t get in (age restriction), so we all bailed on the movie and walked all through the city instead. We always stuck together as a team. It’s a brotherhood that I’m really going to miss.” - Liam Rohan, Senior/Class of 2018

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