Our Approach

Each of us has unique gifts, and when we tap into them, we feel like we’re at our best. These moments, at school, at home, on the field, and on the stage, give us confidence with our peers, our pursuits, and our studies. This is where a Sterne experience starts.
As a community of learners, our mission guides us to “Build on the foundation of individual strengths to discover and nurture each student’s version of greatness.” And it’s that directive that’s been guiding us since 1976.

At Sterne School, we focus first on what you can do, not what you can’t do. Whether it’s reading, playing the piano, coding, or being a good friend, it all matters. Because you are more than your academics. You’re you. And we can’t wait to help you discover what your version of greatness is. 

The Sterne Experience