A Sterne Education

At Sterne, we know that in a world where everyone’s learning profile is unique, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all educational approach. Families need a resourceful educational community whose specialty is figuring out exactly what turns on the lightbulb for their child, so the student can remain a confident, capable learner. At Sterne, support is built into the school day, so each student gets what they need, exactly when they need it.
We teach according to a strengths-based model that celebrates and builds on what our students can do now, while nurturing talents that are yet to be realized. Every day, we teach students how to unlock their learning. Lower School students benefit from being grouped according to their strengths as they prepare for high school and beyond. Our High School students enjoy a tailored learning experience that emphasizes executive function skill-building, expanded school activities, and the closeness and community spirit each high schooler craves.
Lower School students who stay at Sterne for the duration of their secondary education reap the benefits of consistency and comfort with teachers and peers who understand them and their unique profile.