High School

(Grades 9-12)

In Sterne’s High School, we empower students to take charge of their own academic journeys, first by helping them understand how they learn best, then building the confidence to take on new challenges. Our college preparatory curriculum is rigorous but adaptable, led by dedicated, creative teachers who encourage autonomy and critical thinking, but understand that even the most independent student sometimes needs extra support.

We are a small but mighty school by design. By limiting class sizes to 10-15 students, we can deliver a highly tailored learning experience, with an emphasis on executive function skill-building. Our teachers pride themselves on being available both for academics and mentorship—a culture reinforced by daily Office Hours and a host of student-led, faculty-supported clubs and co-curricular opportunities.
We take a holistic approach to college and post-secondary preparation, offering a highly customized planning process informed by your academic progress, your interests, and your personal readiness to take the next steps.  

These are both exciting and complicated times for young adults. There is a lot of information out there, and a lot to think about. We are here to listen, promote dialogue, and provide a safe and exciting place of discovery. Above all, we encourage our students to be in and of the world. Our job is to prepare them for their future.