College and Post-Secondary Planning

Just as we believe there is not a one-size-fits-all education, we believe there is not a one-size-fits-all plan for our graduates. For this reason, Sterne high school students and their families are afforded intensive, highly personalized support for college and post-secondary planning. We call it the 4 Year+ Plan.

Our Post-Secondary Team begins working with students and families as early as 9th grade. We understand that our students’ post-secondary paths are heavily influenced by the choices they make throughout high school, so together, we develop a personalized set of goals for each student, and an action plan for achieving those goals over your four years with us.

During 11th grade, students begin to research and learn about colleges, gap year programs, trade programs, and job opportunities, with the goal of creating a college list and preparing for post-secondary goals. 12th grade students receive individualized weekly support with college applications and timelines. We offer support for ACT and SAT accommodations as well as ACT and SAT test preparation. College visits and concurrent enrollment courses are arranged on an individualized basis. .
Finally, all 12th-grade students participate in Senior Seminar. As part of this program, they take on a “Passage” project—an internship, volunteership, job, Teaching Assistantship, or college course enrollment designed to hone in on academic and career interests and inform post-secondary planning.