Lower School

(Grades 4-8)

Beginning in grade 4 and extending through middle school, Sterne’s Lower School offers a standards-based academic program, with an emphasis on foundational literacy and math skills.  Rather than traditional grade-level placement, students learn in small, instructional-level-based cohorts, ensuring that they receive the core support they need in order to achieve subject-area fluency.  On a social level, this also offers students the chance to learn and interact with different social groups over the course of the day, depending on the subject.

Our full-time Reading and Learning Specialists work with teachers to provide targeted support in specific skill areas as-needed,  including executive functioning, or appropriate use of accommodations.

Above all, we are a team, working to deliver robust, wraparound support to every student, every day.  We pride ourselves on being proactive in addressing challenges both inside and outside of the classroom thanks to a strong communication loop between teachers, staff, students, and parents.