Supporting Documents Checklist High School 

Please refer to the deadlines indicated on the Sterne School Website
Please submit:
_____ Online Application. (Prior to student visit day.)
_____ Official transcript (Parent/Guardian: please complete and provide our Transcript Request Form to the current School. The current school must email the transcripts directly to Sterne.)
_____3 High School Recommendation Forms: Principal, Math Teacher, English Teacher. (Parent/Guardian: please complete the top portion of each form and provide them to the three faculty members at the current school. The current school must email the completed recommendations directly to: )
If the below have been generated, it would be helpful for Admissions to review:
_____Testing (WISC-IV, Woodcock Johnson, WIAT-II, WRAT, GORT, etc.)
_____Psychoeducational Reports
_____Most recent IEP with assessments such as WISC-IV, Woodcock Johnson,etc.
_____Standardized test scores (Terra Nova, CAT, etc.)

The Admissions Team may request:
_____A release to speak with an outside party

*If the High School applicant previously has asked or will ask his/her current faculty to complete the common Bay Area Independent High School (BAIHS) Recommendation Forms, then Sterne School is happy to accept copies of the BAIHS Forms from the recommending Principal, English Teacher, and Math Teacher. The Current school may email these forms directly to