Admissions Department: Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 9/9/2018


Q. Is Sterne accepting applications?
A. Sterne School’s Admissions Committee is considering applicants for 2018-2019 school year enrollment and fall 2019 enrollment.

Q. How do I apply?
A. The first step in the application process is to email our Director of Admission Angela Gengras at agengras@sterneschool.org to set up an initial appointment. A full list of required steps for Admissions is provided on the Admissions Process page.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive a response to an initial email?
A. Our Admissions Department makes every effort to respond in a timely manner. Once an email is sent to our Director of Admission, a response can be expected in 2 – 3 business days.

Q. How long will it take to receive the application/enrollment decision?
A. Sterne School participates in the common notification dates as agreed upon by our Bay Area admissions consortiums, which include most independent schools in the Bay Area.

The Admissions Committee is currently making decisions for the 2018-2019 school year on a rolling, space available basis. Rolling decisions are provided to each family after the Student Visit Day and after the Admissions Committee has reviewed all required supporting materials.

Admissions decision notifications for 2019-2020 school year enrollment will be emailed in March 2019.

Q. How may the parent(s)/guardian(s) visit the school?
A. At any point in the Admissions process, the parent(s)/guardian(s) are invited to attend an Open House. The High School applicant is encouraged to attend the Open House with the parent/guardian(s). 

Please email the Director of Admission Angela Gengras at agengras@sterneschool.org to RSVP for an Open House.