Sterne Voices

Angel, High School

Amy & Peter, High School Parents
"We are so pleased to have our son continue on to high school at Sterne. We looked at some other high schools, just to be sure that neither he nor we felt he was missing out. What we saw convinced us that Sterne was going to provide our guy with what we wanted most for him: challenging academics delivered in an atmosphere of understanding and support. For us, and for our son, Sterne continues to be the whole package."

Mika and Brooks, Lower School

Angelica, High School/Lower School Parent
"Our family changed forever when we found Sterne School. The nurturing environment catapulted both our children to new heights both socially and academically. Their uniquenesses have a voice now, which brought to light self-confidence and genuine happiness. We are proud to be part of the Sterne family and grateful for all the support."

Grace, on Athletics

Jillian, Alumna
"My name is Jillian. I graduated from Sterne back in 2000 as part of the middle school class. Sterne brought life back to learning for me, gave me confidence within myself, and helped me find my voice to ask for help. I still give much of my credit, success and the ability to be where I am today to the Sterne School. I walked away with some of the most valuable tools in finding how to navigate my learning differences and organizational skills that I could have ever asked for—and that is a huge reason how I was able to make it through high school, college, and graduate school. I’ve been a high school counselor for the last ten years and it’s now something that I try to instill in my students: organization, communication, and confidence. Thank you for continuing to educate this special group of kids. They are blessed." 

Titus & Ewan, Lower School

Laurie, High School Parent
"We sleep well at night knowing Bobby is in the best hands, receiving the best education for his learning profile. Sterne grooms happy and capable kids!"

Megan, High School

Hali, Alumni Parent
"Our experience has been exceptional. Our son attended Sterne School from 5th through 12th grade. He graduated with academic honors and went on to attend a 4 year college. At Sterne, he participated in student government, acted in plays, was a founding member of the rock and roll club, made deep connections with life-changing faculty, and made friends who will stay in touch past school. Sterne's programs allowed him to experience the larger world (Yosemite, Pinnacles, Washington DC, Civil Rights South, a night on a ship) and learn life skills (job at the Exploratorium). The Parent Association gave us a chance to know and socialize with other families who shared our challenges of having a child with learning differences. Sterne has offered our son and our family well rounded middle and high school experiences. What more can you ask for?"