Dolphins in the News

Submitted by Craig Brewer, Athletics Director

Over spring break, 12 SHS handball players traveled to Edmonton, Canada, to participate in a Team Handball tournament where they were exposed to the most advanced teams in North America.  Sterne High School was the newest and least experienced team in the league, competing with programs over 18 years old, and schools boasting more than 2,600 students. It was unlike anything we had ever experienced and it was an invaluable growth opportunity for our students and fledgling team.

In addition to playing against, training with, and learning from some of the toughest teams, coaches, and handball experts, students enjoyed being spectators of the sport. The visibility and respect that Handball commands in Alberta is vastly different than the exposure (or lack thereof) anywhere in the United States.

In our spare time, we immersed ourselves in local culture. Highlights included a trip to the biggest mall in North America, a poutine feast, a trip to Elk Island National Park, and the last Oilers game of the season. In the evenings we cooked dinner together as a team. Our students made excellent choices about their behaviors and actions. They prioritized their safety and well-being by getting plenty of rest, eating healthy meals, and exploring responsibly. It was really rewarding to witness this level of maturity and responsibility: Coach McManis and I were very proud.

Submitted by: Craig Brewer and Sean McManis

The Sterne High School Team Handball has made history yet again. They are the back-to-back winners of the California Cup Tournament (2016-17 and 2017-18), and ended this season with an undefeated record.

Coaches Brewer and McManis share…

We knew early on that this group of individuals, as a united front, had the potential to be extraordinary. In spite of a season peppered with less than typical circumstances -- the pressures of starting a season as champions (California Cup Champions from 2016/17), a fledgling league with minimal competition, a team without a home court/gymnasium to practice -- our players rose to challenges both mentally and physically. They found ways to push themselves athletically, they carried the Championship title with grace and maturity, and they pushed each other to be better and sought new opportunities for growth at every turn.

There are so many positive takeaways from this season. We had returning handball players help coach and mentor “newbies”. Players showed up to practice on their days off and demonstrated their commitment throughout the entire season. And something truly special and rare is the bonds these students formed. A culture of team, unity, ‘we before I’ is not always embodied by athletes. But this team forged and embraced a culture of acceptance, camaraderie, respect, and unity -- it was palpable on and off the court.

“When I look at where our seniors were 4 years ago -- athletically, mental/emotional maturity, it is just astounding to see how much they’ve grown. They leave very big shoes to fill. They should be really proud of the example they set.” - Coach Craig Brewer

“A huge thanks to our parents for their support and commitment to the team. They cheered us on, took pictures, and helped transport players all the way to Fremont. Some of them are sending their student to Canada for experiential week to play a sport they have likely never heard of prior to August!” - Coach Sean McManis

“Instead of just going to practice, we all hung out as a team in our free time. One day we went to a movie and one of the players couldn’t get in (age restriction), so we all bailed on the movie and walked all through the city instead. We always stuck together as a team. It’s a brotherhood that I’m really going to miss.” - Liam Rohan, Senior/Class of 2018

Submitted by: Nicole Wagner and Craig Brewer

Sterne Middle School kicked-off not only the first Team Handball game of the season, but the first Sterne Middle School Team Handball game in Sterne School history. Following Sterne High School's successful foray into the sport last year, Sterne Middle School added the sport into its athletics program and debuted the team at their season opener against Stanbridge.

Many congrats to the team on an incredible game in which every player showed incredible athletic talent and nearly every player put points on the board. Coach Brewer remarks, "The team played really solid defense against a team comprised mostly of high school students who played last year." Coach Wagner shares, "I saw students demonstrate beautiful court awareness, and shift flawlessly on defense." 

A close game the whole way through with the final score: Sterne - 15, Staybridge - 16. We are so proud of their effort! And for making Sterne Middle School history! Go Dolphins!