Dolphins in the News

Submitted by: Nicole Wagner and Craig Brewer

Sterne Middle School kicked-off not only the first Team Handball game of the season, but the first Sterne Middle School Team Handball game in Sterne School history. Following Sterne High School's successful foray into the sport last year, Sterne Middle School added the sport into its athletics program and debuted the team at their season opener against Stanbridge.

Many congrats to the team on an incredible game in which every player showed incredible athletic talent and nearly every player put points on the board. Coach Brewer remarks, "The team played really solid defense against a team comprised mostly of high school students who played last year." Coach Wagner shares, "I saw students demonstrate beautiful court awareness, and shift flawlessly on defense." 

A close game the whole way through with the final score: Sterne - 15, Staybridge - 16. We are so proud of their effort! And for making Sterne Middle School history! Go Dolphins!