Prep Week

Prepare for Conferences. Prepare for Success. Prepare for the Future.Sterne Prep Week fosters a culture of informed and empowered students who are highly engaged in their high school experience. The program is designed to ensure each student is on track to reach their version of greatness by arming them with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to find success at Sterne, in college, and beyond. This is a time for assessment, reflection, and planning with intensive support from teachers and our college counseling department. 

Features of Prep Week vary by grade-level and include:

  • MAP testing
  • A deep dive into their learning profile 
  • Personality & career inventories
  • Extensive college prep & readiness planning with our college counseling team
  • 1:1 academic advisement with teachers
  • Self reflection
  • Review and assessment of current accommodations, interventions, and strategies

Objectives of Prep Week include:

  • Empowered students who have ownership over their academic journey
  • Stronger ILPs (individual learning profiles)
  • Preparation for student-parent-teacher conferences
  • Forward thinking goals