Learning Support

At Sterne, we know that everyone has a learning profile that includes areas of strength, areas for growth, and a unique mode of learning that works best. We also know that many students struggle in a traditional school environment that doesn’t recognize and account for individual learning. 

At most schools, and only if you qualify, a learning specialist can identify certain accommodations that should be brought into your child’s classroom, but generalist teachers are less likely to understand learning profiles and may struggle to provide adequate support. Students are frequently pulled out of classes or electives for testing or extra help, resulting in a disorganized patchwork approach that leaves the student feeling isolated and the whole family frustrated.

At Sterne, Learning Support Looks Different

In a world where everyone has a unique learning profile, you can’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to education. All of our teachers play the role of learning specialist because they take the time to understand their students’ profiles and build a trusting relationship. Teachers are trained in the accommodations, tools, and strategies to remove barriers to learning and reveal their student’s strengths. These supports are embedded into every aspect of our program, ensuring everyone can unlock their learning potential. 

At Sterne, children don’t have to qualify for accommodations or experience failure to receive personalized education:

  • Average of 10-15 students per class
  • Skill-based placement & scheduling
  • Right-fit homework plans
  • Accommodations and tools for every student 
  • Best in class math, writing, and reading intervention.
  • Student-focused schedule that includes mindfulness, movement, executive function support, frequent modality changes, and social-emotional learning

A Sterne Education amplifies the strengths in every student with a model that is nothing short of transformational. When a student’s learning profile is acknowledged and understood, children don’t just learn; they thrive.