Sterne’s Lower School is an elementary school model for grades 4–5 that offers a standards-based academic program with an emphasis on foundational literacy and math skills. Rather than traditional grade-level placement, students learn in small, instructional-level-based cohorts, ensuring that they receive the core support they need in order to achieve subject-area fluency.

Our teachers take the time to understand their students' learning profiles; they are fully trained in the accommodations, tools, and strategies that will ensure success. They are backed by our full-time Reading and Learning Specialists, who are there to help navigate the various needs within each class, offering targeted support where needed, including appropriate use of accommodations and executive functioning support.

Above all, we are a team, working to deliver robust, wraparound support to every student, every day. We pride ourselves on being proactive in addressing challenges both inside and outside of the classroom thanks to a strong communication loop between teachers, staff, students, and parents.