Bring Joy to Learning

Sterne's Program for Grades 4-5

Fourth grade marks the transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” For students with literacy, math, and attentional challenges, school can start to feel overwhelming. Sterne offers our youngest learners a highly supportive, engaging, and joyful learning environment. Sterne’s strengths-based, nurturing approach focuses on the abilities and interests of these young learners. A dynamic, project-based learning model provides opportunities for students to receive support as they solve problems, apply creating thinking strategies, and discover the joy in learning. Dyslexic learners benefit from phonics-based, structured literacy intervention in small groups and in whole-class models from 4th–8th grade. We group students according to the type of learning support they require, so we can engage students at their instructional level in each discipline and offer integrated support whenever needed.

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The Pillars of our program:

  • Small class sizes with caring teachers who have the tools and training to support dyslexia, ADHD, and executive functioning in the classroom
  • Learning Specialist support in academic subjects and small-group instruction when appropriate
  • Right-fit instructional groupings and highly differentiated classroom experience
  • Hands-on, project-based learning
  • Homeroom at beginning and end of each day for executive functioning support
  • Specialized electives: maker, digital film, music, drama, studio art, and P.E.
  • Competency-based social-emotional learning program
  • Rich student life: movie socials, spirit weeks, clubs, Experiential Week, Expedition Days, and more!


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