The diverse views and voices of Sterne students find unique expression in the arts.

The arts are a vital part of our curriculum. For many students, pursuit of creative expression is a powerful teaching and learning tool. Our arts program encompasses a wide range of courses, complemented by after-school clubs and activities, in visual, performing, musical and multi-media arts. Throughout the year we host events that showcase our students' talents with performances, exhibits and concerts.

Drama: Performing arts instill both a fundamental knowledge of theatre basics and an applied practice of the art. Students learn the many nuances of performance and even practice writing original scenes. Many Sterne students apply their knowledge of theatre and theatrical skills in other school subjects and later in life.

Music: The vocal and instrumental music program at Sterne helps students discover and develop their musical talents and skills. Students of all levels are able to participate in a variety of music classes as an elective or after-school club. Student music is showcased at school-wide celebrations and events.

Visual Arts: Sterne's visual arts program supports creative expression as students learn to design and direct their own projects based on their interests and curiosity. Sterne's art faculty employs a variety of media and techniques, including painting, drawing and sculpting. The visual arts curriculum includes the language of art, history of art, and hands-on practice for a well-rounded approach to the world of art.