Core Curriculum

Sterne High School offers a variety of courses in all disciplines, including several Honors level courses in Literature & Composition and Mathematics. Electives courses allow students to explore STEAM areas and include Studio Art, Digital Art, Performance Music, Music Technology, Drama, Digital Filmmaking, Robotics, Yearbook, and more.

Core courses in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Language are specifically tailored to meet the needs of students who learn differently; courses are appropriately-paced with a focus on building executive function skills, capitalizing on academic strengths, and addressing challenge areas.

The academic day is thoughtfully designed to address the developing teenaged brain; the day starts at 9:05 am to allow students an opportunity to sleep in or arrive to school early to meet with teachers and organize themselves before classes begin. Daily Office Hours provides small-group instructional time and executive function skill-building. End of the day, drop-in Homework Hall also provides built-in time for students to access their teachers and complete work assignments. 9th-11th grade students have daily electives; all students are provided with opportunities during the day and after school to develop and participate in Student-led Clubs, and Athletics.

Sterne High School is an “a-g” approved school meaning it has met the academic standards set by the University of California college system to ensure “Freshmen readiness” upon acceptance to UC schools.

You may access Sterne School’s a-g course list and course catalogue here.


9th Grade: Building a foundation for success           


Literature & Composition
Algebra 1A, Algebra 1B, Geometry
World History
Spanish I

10th Grade: Exploration of learning profile, self-advocacy & leadership skills

Literature & Composition
Algebra 1B, Geometry, Algebra 2
US History
Spanish II
Integrated Physics and Chemistry

11th Grade: Exploration of interests, college search, increased responsibilities

Literature & Composition
Geometry, Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Pre-Calculus
Spanish III

12th Grade: Passages projects, college match, graduation

Literature & Composition
Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Senior Seminar