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Our 4-8 Program

Sterne’s Upper Elementary & Middle School (UEMS)/Grades 4-8 is an educational community that empowers the whole student in a strengths-focused, student-centered and relationship-based model. The goal of the UEMS program is college preparatory high school readiness and setting the foundation for achievement of student goals beyond high school as well.

In Sterne’s UEMS Program, students build intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, healthy risk taking, resilience, and self-advocacy.

We offer a one-of-a-kind rigorous experience for every UEMS student.  Students are grouped according to their strengths and opportunities for growth in specific subjects. They may be grouped with different students for different subjects. A range of Literature/Composition and Mathematics is available according to student readiness. This range includes classes that support foundational work and specific learning interventions all the way to advanced classes for students who are ready for higher level coursework. 

Extensive writing process instruction, executive function skill-building, and small class sizes promote student success in their robust UEMS experience.

The academic program is rounded out with:
●      visual, performing, musical, and multi-media arts courses and showcases
●      integrative academic offerings such as sociology, film studies, digital film-making, spanish, computer science, and coding
●      STEAM makers/tinkering lab
●      local, national, and or/international experiential learning opportunities
●      extensive clubs 
●      comprehensive athletics
●      daily recess and physical education
●      developmentally appropriate approach to homework