Reading Intervention

When needed, some students begin with Sterne in courses that are focused on decoding and fluency. Sterne School utilizes the TATTUM Reading program developed by Sterne's Reading Specialist, Steve Tattum. The TATTUM Reading Program is a research-based literacy intervention program, featuring a flexible, fast-paced, fun approach that’s highly effective with struggling readers. It combines the best of systematic phonics, auditory processing, and literature-based instruction to create a streamlined, hands-on program that includes immediate reading application.

Steve Tattum has trained hundreds of educators in the TATTUM Reading Program across the country. A recent case study showed that students’ decoding skills increased more than five grade levels over the course of one school year when taught with the F.A.S.T. (TATTUM) Reading System. (Case Study: Wyatt-Edison Charter School - Denver, Colorado)