Today’s students must learn how to live and work with increasingly sophisticated technology.

Sterne School integrates technology through a one-to-one iPad program, whereby students develop fluency with tablets. Each student uses an iPad to support their learning as well as planning, managing time, and remembering their assignments and homework.

The iPad facilitates paperless workflow for the generation of students who feel at home with digital devices utilizing the web. The iPad further supports them by having class resources accessible at all times on the cloud, providing the ability for students to create multimedia projects with ease, and serve as a hub for assistive technology and instruction through personalized pacing.

The iPad also serves as a tool to document and reflect on their learning and growth as a person. The flexibility of the tablet allows each student to find and define his or her own style---be it budding filmmaker, artist, writer, programmer, or musician. The availability of choice for both teachers and students alike helps to provide a better understanding between the two and foster a more productive and diversified environment in the classroom.