Sterne School's Counseling Department is composed of an MFTi, and School Psychologist.

The two professionals work collaboratively to deliver social and emotional support to all students, their families, and staff.
Counselors are available five days a week for individual and group support for a wide range of issues and obstacles that students may face throughout the day.
From basic mood issues to assisting in self-development, our counselors lend a hand in all aspects of campus life to help ensure the physical and emotional well-being of Sterne students.

At Sterne High School, our dedicated college counselor helps to create and guide students toward a long-term path tailored to his/her individual needs and strengths through the Passages: Post-Secondary Program.
Passages is a required four-year course of study at Sterne High School that includes a senior seminar, and options for apprenticeships, volunteer and teaching assistant positions, and concurrent enrollment. The college counselor also works closely with families to develop a tailored transition plan, and hosts an annual college and post-secondary informational event in the fall.