Handbook Essentials

Who We Are
Sterne School has been successfully educating students with learning differences since 1976. Located in San Francisco, Sterne offers a small, personal environment serving grades 4-12 at our new downtown location, 838 Kearny Street. We believe in a “strengths” model. Our experienced staff understands the many learning styles of our students. We differentiate to help each student find his/her learning strengths. Our individualized approach allows students to focus on their academics while forming lasting relationships. We help our students build confidence, which in turn creates independent, successful lifelong learners.

Sterne School is accredited by the: The Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC)

General Regulations
Regular school hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily unless the student is involved in an after-school activity, or after-school care. Students should be picked up or leave the school premises by 3:45 p.m. unless attending an after school event/activity or after-school care.

School-wide Learning Objectives (SLOs)

  • Apply social-emotional learning skills to achieve personal and academic goals
  • Become an active participant in the school and the global community
  • Cultivate 21st century thinking skills and processes for executive functioning
  • Demonstrate academic growth within a strengths-based model
  • Effectively self-advocate and develop understanding of learning profile

Student Responsibilities
The faculty of Sterne School is dedicated to assisting our students in finding strategies for learning in alignment with our School-wide Learning Objectives (SLOs). Classes are designed to challenge each student at his or her own level, and we want to recognize students’ good thinking abilities, encouraging progress to new levels of understanding and mastery. In order for students to realize their individual academic potential, we ask that they:

  • Employ values of respect and responsibility
  • Have good attendance and punctuality
  • Comply with all school rules and policies
  • Complete all classroom and homework assignments

Student Relationships
Sterne is committed to ensuring a safe environment. This includes healthy boundaries and relationships between faculty-staff-students. Sexual expressions between faculty/staff and students, including verbal and physical are prohibited. School employees have an obligation to report to the Head of School any behavior they deem inappropriate between an adult employee and a student.