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Since graduating from Sterne in 2018, Hammel has been keeping busy with college and work. At City College, Hammel's classes have included History, English, and Chinese (so he can better communicate with his Chinese family members). At his Synergy School job, Hammel began in the after-care program and was then promoted to morning care and opening up the building (entrusted with keys and codes). To add to his responsibilities and endeavors, Hammel will be attending a full-time training program this January with the California Conservation Corps. We caught up with Hammel to hear more about this opportunity and why it appealed to him.

As a kid I didn’t remember fire season, but as I got older, I started to notice that California wildfires were more and more frequent and they’d be so bad we’d have to wear masks. That really alerted me to big issues with Climate Change. In my desire to help make a difference, I did some research and came across the CA Conservation Corps and felt like the organization and programs were well aligned with my interests in Climate Change. The CA Conservation Corps runs a variety of conservation-based projects, including wildlife restoration, watershed restoration, post-wildfire clearing, cleaning, and replanting, and an energy corps, in which they train people to be electricians to later install solar panels and HVAC systems. The training I’m participating in will be led by Cal Fire and the U.S. Forestry Service. After completing this training program, I will be part of a larger team that goes to fire lines to help manage and repair forests that suffer from wildfire.

We’re so proud of Hammel in all his pursuits and endeavors. We’ll be sure to check in with Hammel after his training program is complete to hear about his experience.