A Spotlight on Alumni

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One of Sterne's most talented artists, Katia, Class of 2019, is a name to watch. An Illustration major in her 4th year at the California College of the Arts (CCA), Katia is both tremendously skilled and deeply creative. Her portfolio includes everything from digital art, to sketches, paintings, and fashion design. 

At CCA, Katia enjoys her animation courses, which give her a lens into the work of an animator. She also loves her comics courses, which have shown her how much work goes into creating a single comic. Her artwork has been featured at the CCA galleries and she has been commissioned by Sterne School (her alma mater) to create an original piece for the second floor lobby. 

After graduating from the CCA, Katia hopes to work freelance in the Bay Area, as a comic creator and book illustrator. We know Katia will do great things in the world with her art.