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Current Status:

  • Wooster College (Ohio), Class of 2023
  • Major: Sociology, Minor: Education
  • Frisbee Player
  • Admissions Student Ambassador/Tour Guide
  • 12th Grade English Teacher 

Here's what Langston had to say about life post-Sterne. 

Sterne really helped prepare me for college. Ms. Lara-Cea, Mr. Brewer, and Mr. McManis pushed the self-advocacy message – about being proactive in asking for what I need based on my learning profile. One of the first things I did at college was meet with the counseling department to request accommodations. I even helped other friends in college get their accommodations. The one thing that was an eye-opener in college was all of the deadlines stacked on top of each other. In high school (Sterne) teachers were mindful of other class projects/tests, but in college – professors don’t care about how much work you have due in other classes. That was a big adjustment.

Growing up I always worked at summer camps. Then in high school [Sterne] I served as an Eye to Eye mentor. These experiences made me realize I wanted to work with students and/or in the field of education. In addition to being a college student in Ohio, I also teach English at the local high school. Many of my students have learning differences and I don’t get the sense they are being challenged properly, so I am writing a unit with the goal of challenging them as much as possible. 

For my senior thesis, I’m planning to focus on mixed race studies. It’s a newer field looking at [mixed] race identity within a sociology framework. After I finish my undergrad, I plan to apply to Masters and/or PhD programs. Before graduate school, however, I’d like to take a year off and return to San Francisco to find a job in education. I think I would really enjoy working with students with learning differences. There is this downplaying of “abilities” in that population and I really want to challenge these students because I believe they have more potential than they see in themselves.