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From 2011-2017, Sebastian walked the halls of Sterne as a student.

Today, you’ll find Sebastian walking the Sterne halls as a coach/mentor and teacher aide. That’s right, a Sterne alumni has now become a Sterne employee. We love when that happens!

After graduating high school and then moving to Arizona to attend the University of Arizona SALT Program for a year, Sebastian decided to return to the Bay Area. Back in his hometown, Sebastian is taking Health Education and Physiology courses at City College. He’s also on their Football and Track & Field Team. (If you remember Sebastian at Sterne and the mark he made on our Team Handball program, this will come as no surprise!) In tandem with his college studies and athletics, Sebastian is also an employee at Sterne. 

Last summer, Sebastian joined our Summer @ Sterne Program [Summer School] as an intern and did such a great job that he was hired on for the school year. Now, Sebastian is Assistant Coach of the Lower School Team Handball and a Teacher Aide for our Computer Coding class. Here’s what Sebastian has to say about working at Sterne and what his plans are for the future…

“I’m working with the Lower School Handball Team alongside Mr. Edmonds. I’m helping to get the team prepared for Spring when they’ll be back in a league and competing with other schools. I’m also helping to get other students at Sterne interested and excited about joining our Handball Team. 

I’ve been involved with sports and athletics since a young age and I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve had many great coaches/mentors throughout my life.  Now it’s coming full circle because I get to be a mentor for athletes and help support them, like my coaches did for me when I was a student. 

After I complete my Associates Degree, I’d like to attend a four-year University. Last summer I spent time in Virginia/D.C. and was really impressed with Georgetown. So right now the East Coast is on my radar as well as schools in California.”