Diversity Equity Inclusion at Sterne

Sterne School has hired Liberation Consulting, LLC to help develop and formalize DEI programs and initiatives at Sterne. 

The goal of DEI work at Sterne, at its core, is to promote a culture of inclusion and to celebrate diversity. Liberation Consulting will conduct a high-level audit and assessment of our program, and run a series of workshops with Leadership, faculty and staff to learn new tools for cross-cultural dialogue. They will provide us with coaching, project management, and consulting on school policy and procedure through a DEI lens. 

Sterne remains committed to providing students with books and curricula that includes a variety of voices and perspectives. We seek to answer student questions as they arise, and engage in meaningful dialogue that is age-appropriate and reflective of the Mission and Values of the school.  Experiential learning provides hands-on, immersive opportunities for students to study and understand different cultures and ways of being and thinking. We look forward to offering more field trips and on-site workshops dedicated to cultural exploration this year!

The following cultural exploration field trips are in-process:

  • Friday, October 1: A group of high school students will participate in a walking tour of Chinatown (gifted by Janet Chen, a former board member).
  • Monday, October 11: All School Field Trip to the 3rd Annual Indigenous Peoples' Day Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens

September 15-October 15 is Latinx Heritage Month. Below is a list of some activities/events that families may be interested in. 

Lower School:
SF Library Presents Authors: Chantel Acevedo and Donna Barba Higuera
Virtual format
Wednesday, 9/29/2021 
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
For: Elementary/middle school/families

Lower School/High School:
Book a Private Family Tour with Precita Eyes

Lower School/High School
Attend the SF Latino Film Festival

If you would like to contribute an idea for a future family outing or workshop, please email communications@sterneschool.org

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