diversity Equity Inclusion AT STERNE

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On Friday, December 3, our entire faculty and staff attended an all day DEI Workshop hosted by Liberation Consulting. The desired outcomes & goals of the workshop included:

  • To build internal capacity at Sterne for fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture
  • To create a shared language and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • To engage in effective conversations across difference
  • To build awareness of personal and structural biases that are currently present
  • To examine and transform institutional barriers preventing equitable outcomes

Liberation Consulting focused on several key DEI principles to help support the goals of the workshop:

  • Creating Necessary Space
  • Perspective Sharing
  • Cycles of Socialization
  • Three Dimensions of Change
  • Feelings as Messengers
  • The Four Levels of Oppression and Change

These key principles were the basis of discussion, observation, sharing, and reflecting. Sterne employees participated in partner exercises, small group exercises, all group exercises, individual sharing, and personal time for reflection and journaling. 

Following the DEI workshop, Sterne employees participated in DEI dialogue groups to continue the conservation and further examine DEI at Sterne.

To-date, Liberation Consulting has hosted an all-day DEI training for all Sterne employees, a DEI workshop for Sterne’s leadership team, and has conducted focus groups (white and PoC) and individual interviews.

Future work with Liberation Consulting includes a second DEI workshop for all Sterne employees (Spring), support in creation of a Diversity Council, Board workshops, and customized consulting for faculty and staff. 

We have all learned so much from each other, and certainly from Liberation Consulting, as we examine our practices, policies and school culture the DEI lens.