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On November 17, 2021, Sterne School participated in the first-ever National Ruby Bridges Walk to School event. This event was spearheaded by the [high school] Diversity Council, led by Sierra and Laila. At 8 a.m., students, families, faculty, and staff met at Embarcadero and Montgomery BART stations with special banners, posters, masks, pins, and stickers for the walk. Shortly after meeting at BART stations the groups marched through the streets—convening at Pine and Montgomery, and from there walked together through the streets of the Financial District, arriving at Sterne School shortly before the start of the school day.

Diversity Council then gave a presentation on Ruby Bridges during an all high school assembly.

"My Aunt was actually the one who told me about this event. She found out about it through AAA and shared the information with me. I thought it was a really important event/story and so I brought it to Señorita García as an idea for Diversity Council to participate in." - Sierra

"Diversity Council isn't just about race or ethnicity. We want to help raise awareness about important events/movements. We're looking at planning some future events for Women's History month, Black History month, and Asian Pacific Islander month." - Laila

Stay tuned for more news/events from our Diversity Council!