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Kathryn Saussy, one of our high school science teachers is pursuing a Masters in Science for Science Educators degree (MSSE) at Montana State University. Here's what she has to say about the program...

I’m pursuing this degree to strengthen my career trajectory and my knowledge as an educator, as well as to give back to Sterne School in a positive way. My graduate thesis, or action research project, is on the impact of metacognition and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in a neurodiverse high school science classroom. This is a project that caters not only to my specific classroom, but also to science at Sterne in general, and beyond our school. My hope is that my analysis of data might show significant causal relationships with student learning and metacognition that will ultimately promote this really exciting global movement of how science is learned and taught.
In addition to the faculty at MSU, my fellow graduate students are quite literally some of the most brilliant educators I’ve met. We’ve had on-point discussions about science classroom teaching techniques, how to reach all learners, and inquiry-based lesson plans; these conversations are stimulating and applicable to my everyday work at Sterne.
I’ll be in Bozeman, Montana at MSU for a couple of summers to do hands-on research and one of the field projects I’m particularly excited about is studying geothermal systems at Yellowstone National Park. I have a deep love for our Sterne School community and am thrilled to be advancing my science acumen while giving back to this school at the same time.