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Approaching her seventh year at Sterne, Laura Corleto, or Miss Laura as she’s known by students, has been involved in nearly every aspect of Sterne programming and is an incredible asset to her colleagues and the school at large. Laura’s roles and responsibilities have included: front desk administration, LMS back-end manager, Registrar, communications, and Post-Secondary Coordinator (in addition to a plethora of miscellaneous tasks.) Today her work is primarily focused as Registrar and College Advisor – oh yeah and she is our COVID Communication Liaison with the DPH and oversees COVID protocol and contact tracing. On top of everything, Laura is pursuing her College Counseling Certificate. All we can say is…WOW! Learn more about Wonder Woman, AKA Miss Laura, and her most exciting role at Sterne to date…

The latest addition to your long roster of roles and responsibilities at Sterne is the College Advisor position. Tell us what you do in this role.

As the College Advisor at Sterne I work in concert with our High School Counselor to help guide students (and their families) through the College Planning process. This includes not only thinking about the best fit school for each student and the associated requirements, but the “readiness” aspect of being in college (having the tools to be successful while in college is just as important as getting into college.) This role is high-support and highly individualized. It also requires a lot of specific work with each grade level to address the type of support needed in their high school journey at Sterne. For example, 11th graders are doing heavy research into colleges and reviewing their career interest survey results, while 12th grade students are concentrating on their college applications and essays. 

What made you want to move into the College Advisor position?

Sterne has given me so many opportunities to learn on the job. I didn’t come from an education background, I came from the legal/law office world, working with attorneys. In every position and role at Sterne, I learn about different aspects of the school and the tasks and skills required to perform those roles successfully. I really enjoy structure and order (which is why I was so good in my law firm job.) This skill set (structure and order) lends itself to a lot of the technical aspects of my work at Sterne like Registrar and managing the Learning Management System. That said, one of the most important and enjoyable things about working at Sterne is the direct connection to the students. Working behind the scenes in administration didn’t give me that contact with the students – so moving into the College Advisor role was really exciting. Now, as the Registrar and College Advisor I get the best of both worlds (the structured technical work and the direct connection with students and families.)
Sterne has always believed in me and supported my professional development and growth. I’m really thankful for all these opportunities to learn on the job and advance my career at Sterne. 

You are pursuing your College Counseling Certificate. Tell us more about why you decided to obtain this certification.

Prior to my position as College Advisor I was the Post-Secondary Coordinator working alongside our then College Counselor, Rebecca Field. Rebecca was the one who noticed that I really enjoyed and was skilled at working with students and their families to help plan for the future. She encouraged me to look into a College Counseling Certificate. She was a great mentor and I learned so much from her.

What are you learning from your certification program?

I’m in the College Counseling Certificate program through the UCLA Extension. We’re learning various aspects of how to be an effective college counselor including special issues in financial aid, how students can write an excellent essay, the college match process, career assessment, test assessment, and how to best counsel them through the process.

What are your hopes/goals for the future of College Prep at Sterne?

My hope (and one that Louann and I share) is to build a robust program – whereby our students have the tools to thrive in their college years and beyond.  We’re focusing our work with students (and their families) on strong self-advocacy skills, understanding and owning your learning profile, and making sure all students have the support they need in the process. I also want to mention that I am learning so much from Louann and am really benefiting from her background and experience. We want to become a top of the line College Counseling team – and I know we are on our way.