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Sterne School on Twitter: "Savanna Nilsen of the Sterne School  @sterneschoolsf selected as a Science Communication Fellow. Read the press  release here: https://t.co/Dd5skM9FnC https://t.co/o1PJNvqzZ7" / Twitter

Savanna Nilsen, one of Sterne’s Lower School science teachers, was awarded a Science Communication Fellowship with the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET). Founded by Dr. Robert Ballard, the OET seeks out new discoveries in geology, biology, and archaeology via scientific exploration of the seafloor.

Savanna, alongside a team of scientists and educators, spent two weeks aboard the ship, Exploration Vessel Nautilus, on a voyage from California to Hawaii. The purpose of their voyage was to help map the seafloor between these two states. There is little known about our ocean floor, and their seafloor mapping project will contribute to invaluable scientific research and discovery both now and well into the future. Their voyage also supports the Seabed 2030 Project, which aims to map 100% of the seafloor by the year 2030. 

While aboard the ship, Savanna and the lead Communication Science team member hosted a live Sea to Sterne Broadcast for our Lower and High School students, faculty, and parents. They answered questions from the audience, showed live footage from their sea cameras, and gave a tour of the ship. 

Savanna returned to Sterne with a wealth of scientific knowledge and professional development that is already being incorporated into her lessons, curriculum, and more broadly across the whole school.