A Sterne history lesson

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In 1987 the Sterne Slate (newsletter) published the article "Helping Children Learn." Included in this article, written by founder, Val Anthony, is the story of how Sterne School got its name. Below is an excerpt from that article.

"We are frequently asked how the school came to be named Sterne School, so it seems appropriate to begin this article by answering the question. Eleanor Sterne was one of the teachers I trained under at UCSF's Reading Clinic. She had studied under Ruth Strang at Columbia University and was highly respected for her expertise in teaching reading. I was greatly influenced by Eleanor and privileged to teach with her. Sadly, illness forced her to retire in 1970.

When the school was being formed in 1976, I recommended the name Sterne School to our Board of Directors. I wanted to honor Eleanor and the Board agreed with this choice."