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Written by: Melissa Myers, Head of School

Executive Function (EF) is a term that is sometimes mistakenly distilled down to “not being organized” or “black hole backpack.” If only the silver bullet for all troubles related to EF were to use a planner or to make a checklist! Sure, these things are helpful for a student who struggles with Executive Function, but it’s important to understand that EF refers to a set of brain processes, and that these may not be fully functioning or matured in many child and adolescent brains.  

There is hope for EF challenges. At Sterne, we understand that each student is unique, and therefore, must have a special set of tools and strategies to improve their ability to retain information, switch between tasks, organize their lives, manage time, and prioritize. This can take years of work--and these tools need to be used over the course of a lifetime--but we can and do support students through the new and more rigorous academic work that lies ahead with each step in the journey. 

Check out this short “explainer” video brought you by the folks at “How to ADHD." You might be able to relate!