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Cesar, Class of 2024

At Sterne we have a start from strengths approach to growing and learning. In this edition of our Student Spotlight we chatted with Cesar, a student with many strengths. From music to sports to film and screenwriting, Cesar does it all! 

Let’s start with music. You recently performed on stage at our Winter Arts Festival, with saxophone beats that kept the audience movin' and shakin'. Tell us more about your musical background.

Cesar: Last year when I was a freshman my cousin was heading off to college. She told me that incorporating a form of music/instrument into my resume would be helpful for college applications. My parents gave me the choice between learning saxophone or learning the guitar. Since my brother was already learning guitar, I chose to learn saxophone so we could each learn something different. I took saxophone lessons online from a professional saxophone player who was based in Kansas. Through these online lessons I learned the basic notes and some beginner songs, and from there progressed to learning songs I really like, including Baker Street, Tequila, and Careless Whisper.

One day, Ms. Elise overheard me talking about my saxophone and recruited me into her Music Class. It was really fun to play with my peers at our Winter Arts show at Fort Mason. Even though the music class is over, I still play at home when I can, although I have to be mindful of my neighbors…

You’re also involved in our Athletics programming. What teams or classes are you involved with?

Cesar: I play both basketball (winter season) and handball (fall season) at Sterne. Being on these teams has allowed me to meet a lot of really nice people. I was mostly in distance learning my freshman year, so now, being able to play on teams in my sophomore year has really helped me bond with other students and make great friendships. I’m better at handball than basketball, but I keep my chin up and continue to get better at basketball through practice. 

I also am a part of the Bike program at Sterne. Last year we got the chance to participate in the experiential week at Sterne and I chose the Biking Experiential. It was the first time I met Mr. Benson and Mr. Seider in person (very cool people!)  This is my second year involved with the Bike group and I really enjoy riding because it helps calm my mind. Riding also allows me to see things differently and visualize certain things for my film projects.

Tell us more about your film endeavors.

Cesar: I wanted to take my love of comic books and create something bigger, like a film. The more I learned about film production, the more I realized I enjoy both screenwriting and filming and wanted to work on longer film projects (as opposed to short films). I told Ms. K (our high school counselor) that I like screenwriting and she connected me with someone who is a professional screenwriter. I spoke to the screenwriter who shared a lot of helpful information and tips about the do’s and don'ts of screenwriting. From there I started a Film Club after school with Señorita García as my club advisor. I really enjoy all the creative freedom I have in the Film Club.

What is your favorite thing about Sterne?

Cesar: I appreciate the help that Sterne has given to both me and my peers. 
I’ve seen mistakes become triumphs. I’ve seen adversity become the reason to succeed. I´ve seen hopes become reality. I´ve seen the growth of others far beyond what I can imagine. I actually wrote about this for a film I want to produce. The title is “Cesar and Blank go to SuperDuper.” I hope to create this film one day in the future. 

We can’t wait to see it on the big screen one day!