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Megan: Class of 2022
Coffeehouse: Starbucks (Presidio)
Position: Barista + other duties including register, preparing foods, and general support
Favorite Drink: Mocha Frappuccino
Favorite Food: Bacon egg bites

Here’s what Megan had to say about her job at Starbucks….

I applied on May 14th and had a 45 minute interview (it was long, so I figured that was a good sign). From there I was hired and began working at Starbucks in June. This is my first job (aside from helping my parents at their bakery and volunteering to help foster animals at Rocket Dog). I’m a bit of a shy person, so interacting with strangers is not always easy for me. As a barista I have to interact with all types of people all day long, so this job is really helping me get more comfortable with social interactions. I’ve even made friends with customers and other employees which has been a really nice experience (and perk of the job). I’m also practicing my self-advocacy skills. I told my manager that I have learning differences and that some aspects of this job will take me longer to learn. My manager was really appreciative (and impressed) that I was so transparent about my learning style and what that meant for my barista training. 

Future Aspirations: 
College: Currently exploring a few colleges including Santa Clara University, CCA, Marymount
Major: Photography, Digital Design, Graphic Design (something visual)