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Peyton, Sterne Class of 2022, is thriving. 

Always kind and well liked by her Sterne classmates since enrolling in the sixth grade, Peyton has blossomed into a responsible and dynamic leader at Sterne. She is admired and respected by her peers for all the work she does to bring opportunities and joy to the student community. Her roster of roles and accomplishments is impressive and she isn't slowing down!

  • Associated Student Body (ASB) President (2nd Year in a row)

  • Eye to Eye Chapter Leader (2nd year in a row)

  • Student Editor and Chief of the High School Yearbook (3rd year in a row)

  • Student Ambassador (Open House Presentations)
  • Student Panelist for Senator Henry Stern’s Roundtable on LD in Schools 

  • Coffee Club Leader (with Mr. McManis)

  • Wrote Eye to Eye Annual Report letter

Here’s what Peyton has to say about her leadership at Sterne and what she’s thinking about doing after graduating....

“I love being so involved in our student life at Sterne. As ASB President, my goal is to plan and organize student events and opportunities for the best and fullest school experience. I want to be sure we have all the typical high school experiences even though we’re a small school. I love being able to help plan things that the community will like. From decorating 412, to planning events, to hosting our Monday Midday Meetings, I put in about six hours/week for ASB related responsibilities. 

This is also my second year as Chapter Leader for Eye to Eye. Last year when our campus shut down and we were in distance learning, Eye to Eye planned to temporarily close all chapters. But I refused to let that happen -- we needed to have those relationships/bonds at that time more than ever. So, I worked with Ms. Lara-Cea to make sure our chapter continued during the lockdown/distance learning. We held virtual art rooms/meetings and kept those important mentor-mentee relationships. CNN caught wind of Eye to Eye and what our chapter was doing to remain resilient and we ended up being featured in a True Hero story about Eye to Eye. I’m really proud of the work I did to keep our chapter running in such a difficult time. 

Right now I’m applying to colleges on the east coast to get a different experience other than California. I’m applying as a business and economics major, but to be honest, I’m not really sure what I want to do career wise. What I’ve learned is that you can’t really plan for life -- it just kind of unfolds and you need to be open to pursuing ideas and opportunities along the way. That said, I do want to stay involved and connected with the Eye to Eye program. I’m very dedicated and passionate about their mission and have really enjoyed being a part of their programming, so I’d like to find ways to remain connected while I’m in college."