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Introduction: The Inneract Project is a San Francisco based organization that empowers marginalized students of color through design education that links them to opportunities to explore design in college, career, and life. Hear what Sierra, Sterne School Class of 2023, has to say about her involvement in the program.

I first learned about the Inneract Project from my 6th grade swim teacher. She was involved in the program and thought I might be interested. This year is my fifth year with the Inneract Project (so, she was right!)

Every year Inneract Project partners with an organization/company in the design/graphic design space. We are given a prompt which always revolves around helping people, for example, “How to help the homeless.” We then create/design possible solutions. Once our design ideas are finalized, we pitch them to the company for feedback and then showcase our work. 

In the past we’ve worked with eBay, Google, and Adobe. One of the design solutions I created is a walker (for the elderly) that is a walker, cane, and seat all in one product. I’m really proud of that idea. I’m also excited about my portable yoga mat idea – fold it up and take it anywhere. I’ve also worked on website design.

This year we worked with the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) and the prompt was “Create Black Joy.” Our “Create Black Joy” posters are now on display in a special exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California. Our high school Diversity Council just took a field trip to see the exhibit. 

I’m really glad to be a part of Inneract Project. They’re helping me build my portfolio because I want to be a graphic designer when I’m older.